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Vintale Barberis Cananico Super 150's

Vintale Barberis Cananico Super 150's

 Revenge is produced using pure Merino Super 150’s wool, which indicates a fineness of more than 16 microns, practically the same as cashmere. Such precious materials should be processed with the maximum care, although many analogue products are created using a plain weave. The structure of Revenge, however, is a double twist, meaning multiple-ply yarns both in the warp and the weft. Nothing is spared, including the density of yarns per centimetre, which is necessary to obtain a good quality fabric. The Revenge family is developed in classic registers and lends itself to day and evening suits with strong personalities, where the right dose of formalism comes together with fancies and a pinch of vanity.

  • Super 150's fine Merino Wool

    100% Wool

    Made in Italy

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