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t Scabal, we are rarely completely satisfied, but that’s just what keeps us pushing forwards. Always reaching for new, more, better, our signature offerings are ever-developing just like us. New Deluxe has been a foundation fabric of Scabal’s

All with the practical versality which has cemented the collection’s longstanding success. At 260 gsm, New Deluxe’s Prunelle weave lends itself to suiting and trousers as well as jackets – visible and tangible luxury, no matter the garment.

While the range’s palette has expanded, New Deluxe’s 100% Super 100s wool composition is just the same as it ever was. Still a snip to tailor, and as much of a breeze to care for as it is a joy to wear, the fabric’s inherent elegance translates clear as a bell across its newfound spectrum of colour. This is a palette which can truly claim to work year-round; weathering warm evenings and special occasions, New Deluxe holds endless possibilities for the man on the move and in the spotlight.

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